We love Maths!

We are learning about addition. 
How many strategies can you use
when adding numbers? 

Can you count on from 
the largest number? 
Can you use fact families?

Can you use doubles when adding 
the same number?
Click below to practice more addition.


Have you been practising to skip count

by 3`s? Can you notice any patterns?

Click below to use an online 100`s chart.



Click here for some more fun Maths games!

Welcome to 1/2C


Welcome back to Term 2! This term we
 have a lot of exciting and fun things 
happening in Year 1/2. 

On Friday 29th April we are having our 
sleepover with lots of fun team building
 activities during the day and a puppet 
show in the evening after dinner. 
Don`t forget to pack your favourite 
teddy if you are sleeping over ! 

We also have the wonderful Monmia 
Art Show where our learning space will 
be transformed into Wonkaland! 

Watch some of the movie here!!